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Our Services

Scuffs, scrapes, & scratches

We specialise in the ‘quick turnaround’ of minor damage. Most of these types of repairs can be carried out within a day, and if not, within 24 hours.

same quality ‘tried and tested’ work methods as we do for larger repairs and the repairs are all fully guaranteed.

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Accident Repairs

There are many types of ways in which an accident may have occurred, be it minor or major. Your car may be damaged because of a third party, because you have caused an accident or in the event that a third party has failed to give you their contact information, for example a scrape in a car park and the person has driven away. We are here to help repair your vehicle either via your insurance company, a third party insurance company or if you or another person is paying for damage personally.

Insurance Claims

We work with all the major insurance company's and have the very latest technology in order to carry out smarter, quicker and in-depth estimates.

If you have made the decision to make an insurance claim for repairs or a third party (someone else) has we will be more than happy to deal with the claim and liaise with the insurance company on your behalf.

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End of Lease Returns

We have ‘over the years’ helped thousands of customers with the return of their lease cars.

A vehicle needs to be returned in a reasonable condition, the vehicle can show signs of ‘fair wear and tear’ when returned. What’s constituted as ‘fair wear and tear’? What is considered as damage that’s more than ‘fair wear and tear’ ? A little confused by the whole idea? Contact Manchester Car Repairs for some clarification.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

We employ an Alloy Wheel refurbishment specialist to ensure that the highest quality repair is carried out. We are fully equipped and are able to offer refurbishment or a colour change if desired.

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Paintless Dent Removal

There are occasions when a dent can be pushed out using specialists techniques without the need of filler and the painting of the damaged area.

This method is called ‘paintless dent removal’.

Due to the nature of this type of repairs the costs are significantly less than a traditional repair .

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